Trebe Biotech

Our Technology

Our production platform, based on the baculovirus-insect system, offers a high-performance alternative in an eukaryotic system.

At Trebe Biotech we produce recombinant proteins of high structural complexity, which are expressed in insect larvae. We ensure a lower cost than systems based on mammalian cells, and without compromising quality, as occurs in systems based on microorganisms. To do this, we use as a vector of the sequences of interest a virus -baculovirus- that naturally infects lepidopteran insects present in the region as agricultural pests. By incorporating proprietary technology in the design of baculoviruses, we enhance their infective capacity and the expression levels of the proteins of interest.

Instead of cell lines, we used Lepidopteran larvae, further increasing the productivity and scalability of the system. By dispensing with the infrastructure required for large-scale cell culture, production costs are significantly reduced. To achieve this, we have a solid background in entomology, which ensures a supply of tens of thousands of larvae per week.

Furthermore, the implementation of a high-efficiency purification process, the result of the exhaustive in-house study of the components of the system, ensures good levels of purity, preserving the stability and biological activity of the proteins.

The versatility of our platform has allowed us to incorporate adaptations as fusion proteins for protein interaction studies or with multiple antigens for the development of more powerful antibodies, peptide sequences that improve stability and performance in immunoassays or the production of virus-like particles.