Trebe Biotech


At Trebe Biotech we produce recombinant proteins of high structural complexity.

Antigens for Diagnosis

The production of specific antigens is essential for the development of seropositivity diagnostic kits. These immunoassays require fixing an antigen that is recognized by the antibodies (immunoglobulins) of the patient or animal that are presented after an infection. Due to its great specificity, a stable immune complex is formed which can be recognized by different methods. Seropositivity is important in the diagnosis of numerous diseases, knowing if an individual has been exposed to a pathogen, for the measurement of antibodies in plasma and serum used as treatment.

We provide high quality antigens for the development of diagnostic kits and immunoassays. Among our developments, SARS-COV-2 Spike protein stands out, purified as a trimer, antigens for the 4 Dengue serotypes and its consensus sequence, autoimmune diabetes antigen, among others.

Immunogens for vaccines and sera

The development of new vaccines is experiencing remarkable growth, where vaccines composed of recombinant proteins stand out. Among other advantages, for its production the pathogen is dispensed with, which makes its production safer and for the patient, and greater purity can be ensured, as well as adaptations that can improve its immunogenicity. As immunogens, proteins can induce stable cellular and humoral immunity. Proteins and peptide toxins can also be used to immunize animals and produce therapeutic antisera and sera. Our platform has the advantage of the ability to produce proteins with a high yield in a eukaryotic system (glycoproteins), and that endogenous proteins of insects have low immunogenicity.

Some examples of developments are influenza virus proteins, and toxins from tetanus, arachnids, furry cats.

Other products

Trebe Biotech offers its strategic partners a flexible platform for the production of high-quality recombinant proteins. We provide tailor-made solutions for the veterinary and diagnostic medicine industry.